How To Measure

How To Measure For Curtains

Before measuring, determine your hanging style and the end aesthetic that is desired. Generally, a curtain has a few hanging styles.  Ending on a windowsill, landing just below a windowsill, gently grazing the floor or falling into a pool with dramatic flair.  Showcase your decorative molding by mounting your rod below the trim.  Or mount higher to achieve a more elongated window appearance.

Carefully measuring is the key to achieving your desired look.  Consider the below when measuring and mounting.  Generally, the longer the curtain, the more fullness they should have.  To achieve fullness and not left ordering more, be sure the overall total width of curtains is 2-3 times the size of your window.

How to measure for curtains

tier curtain, commonly used in kitchens, typically covers the lower half of a window, ending at the windowsill.  When measuring length for a tier curtain, measure from the top of the curtain rod placement to where you want the curtain to fall.  When determining width, decide if you want your rod inside the window or mounted outside the frame.  The curtain should measure 1 1/2 times double the width of the window to achieve curtain fullness.

When measuring for Valances, always remember that the rod pocket is included in the length.  For a gathered valance, you will want the total width to be 1 1/2 times to double the width of the window.  For a flat, more tailored look, measure so that the valance is wide enough to cover the width of the rod and rod sides.

The swag WIDTH dimensions are the total of the two halves of the swag measured at the rod pocket added together, from outer edge to outer edge.
In almost all cases, the swag LENGTH is measured from the top stitch of the rod pocket (exclusive of the header) to the longest point of the outside edge.

In very rare cases, the swag LENGTH dimensions are “overall” (including the header above the rod pocket).  Our packaging would indicate if the lengths are exclusive or inclusive of the header.

Traditionally, when hanging a panel curtain to land below the windowsill, a rod will be mounted 6″ above the top of the window frame.  The curtain will hang 3″ below the windowsill.  To determine length of curtain needed, measure the window and add 9″ to the length and 6″ to the width.

To hang a curtain that will end just above the floor, there is no real rule to the rod placement.  Rod placement could add an elongated appearance to a short window space so consider how dramatic you want your look when making your decision.  When you have decided your rod placement, measure from there to 1″ above the floor.  This is your curtain length.

Pooling your curtains on the floor adds a luxurious feel to your room.  Sheer curtains when pooled slightly on the floor make quite a statement.  To achieve this look, you will want to mount your rod closely to the ceiling.  Measure from the top of the rod placement to the floor, then add 8-10″ for your desired length.

When measuring for a balloon shade or “tie up” curtain, measure the width of the window you are covering.  Choose a width that will cover the window and rod area.  Our balloon shades have a standard length of 63.”  When choosing a valance to accompany a balloon shade, it is suggested that you measure the width of your window, from edge to edge.

door panel curtain is mounted with 2 rods, one at each end of the panel.  Measure the width and length of the glass you are covering.  The panels are measured from top of rod pocket to bottom of rod pocket.  Select a panel width that is 1 1/2 times double the width of the glass area to be covered.

Note: The stated length on a Lorraine Home Fashions product package includes the top stitch of the rod pocket to the lowest point of the curtain.  Panels featuring grommets stated length is measured from the top of the inside grommet to the longest point of the curtain.